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Maximize Your
Property's Value 

Maximize your property value with a:

  • Renovation

  • Custom Dream Home 

  • Laneway Home 

  • Duplex

  • Real-estate Investment

Discover Your Property's True 

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3 Easy Steps

Understand Possibilities 

We know how to establish and maximize your property's value.


Talk to us about us giving you a development feasibility study to go over the different pros and cons.

Our professionals will give you perspective on your options. Without good advice and total transparency from your developer, you will miss out on making the most out of your property. 

Book a consultation so we can show you all the possibilities.

Create A Plan 

Your property is unique and requires a custom approach and unique timeline. We understand that you have a vision, schedule and budget


We design our plan based on zoning, lot size, your goals and what makes you money in terms of:

  • Cash Flow

  • Generational Wealth Accumulation

  • Profits from Development


We have built you the right plan for developing your property. BDC homes has a proven track record of skillfully and professionally building final plans. From start to finish, you want to know your developer understands not just the plan, but the vision.

Have confidence and trust in our team to complete your plan. We understand your vision and know exactly what it will take to complete the project.

Get The Most From Your Property

If you have an aging home that is in need of improvement, or you want to build a laneway home, garage suite, or accessory dwelling unit on your existing site, we will develop the best money making strategy. 

With your address, we will research the zoning regulations for your parcel of land. Our free, no hassle consultation will go over your options including city planning requirements, subdivision details, and zoning laws. This will help give you a clear understanding of what long term planning you can do.

Your personal goals might be to create or increase income from a rental unit, reduce long term utility costs, improve your personal quality of life, keep family close or remain in a community where you are comfortable, all while increasing the value of your property

No matter what your goals, By Design Construction will work with you to create the right roadmap from where you are now to where you dream of being.

Complete Interior Paint, Laminate Flooring and Stairs Carpeted

"BDC did renovations on my townhouse prior to me and my kids moving in. Bobby was very easy to deal with, took care of any issues immediately and was contentious of my budget. He was considerate to send me information on paint colors and current design trends."

Property Investment
Within Your Reach

You love your home, and don’t want to move.

Do not let property development opportunities pass you by. 


BDC Homes undertakes many projects that use financing from a variety of sources.

Instead of letting your home equity sit idle, or savings accounts devalue from inflation. You can put that money to work for you, and participate in many profitable real estate development projects. 


Cooperative investment strategies use pooled funds so you can have a piece of the development pie.

The recent changes to zoning regulations has led to an explosion of opportunity for the building of laneway homes on 99% of the single-family properties in Vancouver.

With the need to restore or replace aging or dilapidated homes, there has never been a better time to participate in lucrative real estate development.

Be sure to contact us right away, even if you don’t think you have enough to get started. You don’t have to let these profitable investment opportunities pass you by.

Getting The Most From
Your Property

laneway house pic.jpg

Laneway / Coach Homes

Laneway or Coach Homes are built next to the back lane on your existing property.


They and are for:

  • Keeping family close

  • Increasing cashflow

  • Increasing property value



In 2018, Vancouver rezoned the city's low-density, single-family neighborhoods to allow for duplexes. 

Now, 99 percent of single-family properties potential locations for duplexes.

You can now build 2 homes either side by side or back to back on the same lot. 
Seek our expert guidance to explore your possibilities.


  • Keep Family Close

  • Sell a unit for profit. 

  • Rent one out for income.

  • Sell the both and upgrade your lifestyle


Custom Home Building

Building your dream home can seem like an impossible and expensive task.

We are here to make that task simple, and show you how you can express yourself though home design.

From concept to completion we’re with you all the way.


Each milestone completed, you see your dreams become reality.


Our skill and experience working with trustworthy professionals  will show you how your dreams are in good hands with us.

house model on coins saving for concept investment mortgage fund finance and interest rate


If you have owned your home for a long period of time, there is a good chance you have equity.

Sometimes simply untapping the potential of that equity makes sense from an investment perspective.

We help advise on you on the many ways to make the value of your home work for you.

Copy of Insta AD2 - Lakeview Bathroom (1)_edited.jpg


BDC Homes is a full service professional home renovator.


We upgrade homes to make them more beautiful, luxurious and functional.


We provide home complete renovation services throughout Greater Vancouver area for both Residential and commercial properties. 


Project Management

We provide full service Project Management for your Land Development, Re-zoning and Construction / Renovation Needs.

Our experienced planners:

  • Understand budgets clearly

  • Execute on time

  • Lead and coordinate

When the professionals of By Design Construction take responsibility for any project, we ensure the project is executed as planned and on time.


Benefit from having our experienced and award winning team managing your construction project. 

Our Completed Projects

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