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Ready To Invest & Make Profit!

We make sure your real estate assets give you the most value for your investment. 

What We Do For Investors

Investors tend to fall into two categories, and we have successfully completed award winning projects for both.

If you are interested in investing and don’t know where to start, you need to talk to us. You will be shown our profitable past projects and help you understand what options and opportunities are available. 

If you already have a property, and you need it developed, we can show you the way to get the most return. Each property is different, and can accommodate different buildings including laneway and custom dream homes.

We have full transparency in our accounting, and full profit payouts.


Get answers for all the questions you may have.


You don’t have to do this alone, or rely on guesswork.

BDC Homes is the expert help you need to to make your project all it can be.

Home Renovation

"We had our home renovated in a very short time as we needed to move in quickly. We were very impressed by the builder's keen attention to detail and the suggestions provided were very well thought out."

Ways To Maximize Your Assets 

Direct Ownership

When you invest with us, you become a partner in the project.


Your investment is secured by a real asset. You will be registered on the land title for the duration of the project.

Our specialized team is continually on the lookout for properties that provide the most substantial income flow for our investors.


Using precise market analysis and the knowledge of our financial advisers and construction team we keep you informed and updated on all matters that relate to your projects bottom line.

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Getting more from your investment

Our goal is to acquire well-researched and evaluated properties, rebuild them, and resell them on the market to generate profits and add value to your investment.


Our experts in project management, finance and real estate oversee all our projects. 

You will see all the numbers, and know you received the best ROI on your construction or renovation investment.


Fixed Income Return

Working with us guarantees a return on your investment.


We offer you guaranteed rates that are significantly greater than bank rates.


Your return is based on the size of your investment. The more you invest, the larger the return you can expect to receive.

We promise that as a BDC Homes investor, you will see the books and know how you got 100% of your project's net profit.

Credit Assessment

Real Estate

BDC Homes team of specialists are happy to share their expertise and deliver an unmatched service that meets your goals. 

We are here to assist you whether you are wanting to purchase, sell, or develop your investment portfolio. For a free consultation, please contact us now.

The New House


Our focus at BDC Homes is your needs.


We understand that a good connection between homebuyers and brokers is built on trust and shared goals.

Our team is dedicated to working for your best interests at every stage of the real estate transaction.

From difficult negotiations to getting the best possible price, our objective is to get most value in the shortest time possible.



With the most up-to-date knowledge on the Real Estate Market, Financing, and Prices, we assist you in selling your home in a smooth and efficient manner at the highest market value.

We are available to help you with your questions and concerns as soon as you get offers on your home, or at any time during the selling process.


We will help you assess each offer while keeping your goals in mind.

Key in the Lock

Build the
Home of Your Dreams in
3 Easy Steps

Understand Possibilities 

We know how to establish and maximize your property's value. Talk to us about the different pros and cons.

Our professionals will give you perspective on your options. Without good advice, you may miss out on making the most out of your property. 

Book a consultation so we can show you all the possibilities.

Create A Plan 

Your property is unique and requires a custom approach and unique timeline. We understand that you have a vision, schedule and budget

Work with use to to plan, execute and realize your vision. Contact us and start today making your vision a reality


We have built you the right plan for developing your property. BDC homes has a proven track record of skillfully and professionally building final plans. From start to finish, you want to know your developer understands not just the plan, but the vision.

Have confidence and trust in our team to complete your plan. We understand your vision and know exactly what it will take to complete the project.

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