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Custom Home Building 

Building a custom home or your dream home can feel overwhelming and stressful.
Trust BDC Homes to turn this process into a smooth experience.


We are a family business that has been running for over 40 years.   We treat our clients like family instead of projects.

We build your home like we were planning to move in ourselves. The standards we would expect from a builder, are the same standards we deliver to you.


This is how By Design Construction has established itself as one of the top professional home builders in the market.

The Process 

Before Meeting

Before we meet, we will have already done the first part of the evaluation.


With your address in hand we will have examined zoning laws, neighborhood bylaws, and other limitations.

Then we then have a meeting to go over your vision.

Approving The Budget and Schedule 

The next time we meet, we will have full blueprints, a development plan, and cost estimates.

We will have worked through all the requirements, and identified the contractors needed.

Using our experience we will provide you with a cost estimate and timeline for approval.

Vision Meeting

You have a vision of your dream home. We have the knowledge and experience to make that vision happen.


During our meeting we will get a clear understanding of your vision.

After this meeting we will have a clear direction to move forward with making a design.

Construction Process

Here is where the construction work is completed.  


During this process we will be contacting you frequently to update you on progress, and to provide input on any details not covered in the design phase.

You will have a clear understanding of the work that is being completed, and on the progress of your new home.


We take all the previous information and convert it into a building plan.


This is where we design layouts, calculate square footage.  Material choices like flooring, cupboards and paint colors are picked at this point. 

When we meet again, we will have fully worked out a plan for the development of your property.

The New Home

We hand you the keys, and you enjoy your new home.  


Before sign off we will have a home inspector review our work, to ensure your home is built to the highest standards.

You move in, and begin to enjoy your new home.


Every custom home is unique and different. As a result, we cannot pin point an exact time frame that fits all projects. As professionals, BDC Homes will provide you with an estimated timeline before the project begin and also inform you updates on the construction process.


We make our clients feel that they are the most important part of their custom home building project.

We make sure our clients do not have anything to be worried about.

We are always here to answer any concerns or questions that you may have. 

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