Laneway / Coach Homes

Coach Homes and laneway houses may be the solution to earning money without moving out of your existing neighborhood. They increase the value of your property and provide an alternate source of income. 

Before you take the plunge and put your money down, there is a lot we can teach you about earning money in a community you are already attached to. 

With a laneway home you have lifestyle and earning flexibility without letting go of the neighborhood you love. 

A Laneway home is built next to the back lane on your existing property. This is very similar to a coach house, which is a suite above an existing garage. These freestanding buildings are separate from the main house and built on the same lot. The different terms are often used interchangeably, and the benefits of building them are the same.

These types of homes are built to increase rental units and cashflow or for family members to live close to each other.  A typical lot in Vancouver (33’ X 122’) in Residential Zoning qualifies for building a laneway house.

With over 2,000 laneways homes built in the Vancouver area, this low cost housing option is becoming a more and more popular way to stay connected to your community.

Increase My Property Value With A Laneway


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Your Family, Your House 

When you are looking to keep your family close while having a strong sense of privacy, laneway homes provide the solution. Since a laneway house is often less expensive to buy  a one-bedroom condo in the city you will stay connected from the shared yard and close proximity. You just don’t have to listen to music you don’t like through the walls. 


Not having to share the same building, the most amount of personalization of the space is possible. Build with multigenerational living in mind to provide for stair assist lifters for the elderly or even an elevator. Provide the dignity of independence for elderly family members, while ensuring they have needed family help and contact close by.

Excellent Rental Option

With the high cost of real estate, laneway houses are becoming increasingly popular for rentals. Due to the increased demand for this sort of accommodation, new homes are often being built with laneway houses from the start. 


A laneway home will generally raise the resale value of the property, more than the cost of construction. With rental income, a laneway house is often able to cover any borrowing costs needed to pay for construction.

Contact us with the address, if you have a property that you think may qualify for building a laneway home, and are looking to make some extra money. Will will give you a full evaluation of your options.



A Professional Laneway house builder in Vancouver can lead to you the right direction. The City Of Vancouver has regulations on what a person needs to prepare before starting a new project.


A building permit is required for any construction, demolition, and changes on a property.


The application for a building permit is reviewed under Building Code regulations. Expert home builders can provide you with information such as window size requirement, safety, and regulations that are required for approval.

A Development permit is required in order to construct specific type of development on a property.


Development permits are used for developments such as building a new house, or changing the use of a commercial space. There are times where development permits are not required and it is best to speak with a professional home builder in Vancouver to obtain more information.