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What is a Laneway House

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

If you live in Vancouver, you may have noticed small dwellings popping up in garage spaces and in backyards. These dwellings are called laneway houses and they’re a new form of affordable and convenient living. They are also a great investment and can provide steady revenue to homeowners.

By Design Construction are laneway house builders in Vancouver and share more about laneway homes:

It’s a real house

Unlike garage suites or other secondary suites, laneway homes are full houses. Laneways can range from 550 sq ft to a maximum of 900 sq ft, and it really depends on the size of your lot. The house is also outfitted with everything you need, from power, heating, and plumbing. The only difference is that water comes from the main house and isn’t dependent.

In Vancouver, laneway houses are part of an initiative from the municipal government to increase urban density in established neighborhoods. It is a secondary suite, but unlike basement or garage suites, a laneway home is a completely independent dwelling. Tenants will experience natural light, privacy, and usually a small outdoor space.

The interior is stylish and smart

Despite being a bit more compact than a full-sized home, laneway houses are stylish on the inside and out. Most designs feature one and a half stories, one or two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and parking area. There’s also the option to customize further and add a balcony, mini-deck, or garden if there is room on the property. On the outside, aside from the smaller size, there’s little visual difference to a full-sized house. Your builder can even do renovations to customize the home further and to ensure it flows well with the main house on the property. Contact By Design Construction for more information about Laneway house New Westminster

Anyone can live in it

Once you’ve built a laneway house, it can be used by anyone. You can rent it out for extra income, let your kids move in, or have grandparents live close by but still independently. Another great and popular idea is for the homeowners themselves to move in. The size of a laneway house tends to be more manageable for some, and the main house can be rented for extra income. It’s a great way to still stay in a beloved neighborhood and benefit from your investment.

Small, but mighty value

Laneway houses are a significant investment to build, but the payoff is worth it. The extra income can be used to cover your mortgage, home expenses, or saved for a rainy day, vacation, or major purchase. Since laneway homes in Vancouver are in high demand, it’ll be a big selling point for any potential buyers. Thanks to the smaller size, it’s also more affordable to invest quality materials in the laneway house. High-end materials will increase property and resale value even more.

Ready to build your own laneway house? Contact By Design Construction today!

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