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Profit From A DUPLEX

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99% of single-family properties can be redeveloped into two-family residences, which would include 2 units in the main dwelling and potentially a secondary suite too.

Building a duplex unit offers many benefits, including:

  • Having its own secondary legal suite

  • Keeping family close

  • Selling a unit for profit

  • Renting one out for additional income

  • Selling both units for profit 

  • Customize a unit and upgrade your lifestyle

Developing A Duplex Property

Duplexes Are An Excellent Rental Option

If you have extra space or are considering creating it, you can rent it out and support your community. 

If you don't need to keep family close but your property feels too large for your needs, you can consider renting out a unit or a lock-off suite in the duplex where you live. 


This can help you increase your net worth or earn additional income while ensuring that your valuable asset is properly maintained. 


If you have lived in your neighbourhood for a long time, enjoy your neighbours, and don't want to move, this option can be perfect for you.



Weekend Family Lunch

Keep Family Close

Duplexes have many wonderful benefits, including: 


  • A unique housing solution that allows families to live together while still having privacy and individuality. 

  • Supporting elderly family members by being easily cared for and visited, with options for personalization such as chair lifts or elevators.

  • Supporting young adults who are starting out can benefit from not having to face financial struggles alone and can keep the family support and comfort intact. 

  • Renting out a unit or a lock off suite can also provide a source of income and help maintain the property's value. 

  • Increasing net worth or earning extra money without having to leave their current neighbourhood. 


Duplexes offer a way for families to work together, keep money within the family, and create generational wealth.

Complete Interior Paint, Laminate Flooring and Stairs Carpeted

"BDC did renovations on my townhouse prior to me and my kids moving in. Bobby was very easy to deal with, took care of any issues immediately and was contentious of my budget. He was considerate to send me information on paint colors and current design trends."

Selling Duplexes & Units For Profit.

If you've been paying your mortgage for years, but now your home needs some updating, building a duplex may be an option for you. 


  • Rather than moving from your comfortable neighbourhood, a duplex can modernize your home and provide a source of income. 

  • BDC Homes can connect you with financial professionals who can show you how you can sell one unit and come out with a new home and profits.

  • You have the potential to make the same profits as a professional home flipper with the right knowledge and experience. 


BDC Homes will make sure you understand your options and find the best solution to maximize the potential of your property, whether it be a duplex or laneway home. Even if you are not zoned for a duplex, there may be other options available.

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